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Measurement form for gents

Measurement Form
Personal Information:
Date of Birth:
Height: (please state units)
Weight: (please state units)
State: ('n/a' for none)
Please fill in any order related comments or questions you might have:


Chest - Measure around body well up under arm pits Stomach - Measure around stomach line Length - Measure from lower collar seam to length desired

Full Shoulder - Measure back at end of shoulders Sleeves - Measure sleeves from shoulder seem to length desired Neck - Measure around the Neck

Front - Measure from one armhole to other arm hole in front Back - Measure from one armpit to other arm pit at Back Waist - Measure around waist Line

Hips - Measure around hips at widest point of seat but not tight Crotch - Measure from center front waist under legs to center back waist Length - Measure from top of waist band to bottom of cuff

Cuff - Measure width around cuff as shown Thigh - Measure width around the thigh as shown


Normal Shoulders Normal Neck Sloping Shoulders Long Neck Square Shoulders Short Neck


Normal Posture Erect Forward Stoop

Forward Stomach Stout

Measurement Unit:

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